Cute Kids Bedroom Sets For Girls


Kids bedroom sets for girls – moment when girl grows and old decoration with dolls, castles, toys, airplanes and other elements no longer works well. Just as teenager is growing, her bedroom also has not to grow, but it does reflect her new demands and needs that are very different to when she was a girl.

Soft pink are a traditional choice for kids bedroom sets for girls, but there are also other shades and colors that work well for female children. Hot pink is fun and modern, but should be used in moderation. Some pink dots on a creamy white wall, for example, or a pink stripe runs horizontally around room is dramatic and feminine. Evergreen, which is a cross between lavender and blue, is a good choice for parents who want a place that feels “girly”, but do not want traditional pink or purple.

Kids bedroom sets for girls need not be all about princesses. Try setting some vintage prints of dolls or vintage children’s book cover, and hang them on walls. You can also frame pages from your favorite children’s picture books, such as “Velveteen Rabbit.” Or frame several classic dock or newborn dresses (choose colors and styles that complement room) and hang them in a row over wall.


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