Long Or Short Curtains For Bedroom Windows


Long Or Short Curtains For Bedroom Windows – When it comes time to dress the windows or windows you have to be aware that choosing one type of curtain or another influences in a decisive way the sensation that transmits the space. What we mean is that the result is not the same if we put Japanese panel that if we use a curtain or a curtain. Each of these options intervenes differently in the decoration.

For this reason customers who visit tends to ask us advice to find the perfect curtain for your home.  Long or short curtains for bedroom windows, that’s the point. Before this question the first thing that has to be taken into account is the style that predominates in the different rooms that compose the house, since it is not the same a stay with modern air to another where prima classic. The long curtains usually look great in living rooms or bedrooms with a clear traditional style. They bring elegance and sophistication. For their part, short curtains are a good complement to the most current environments.

Another issue to keep in mind is the type of room in which we will place our long or short curtains for bedroom windows. It is not the same thing to do in your bedroom or child’s bedroom. The size of the window also matters as well as the type of fabric. The long curtains mold well to the panoramic windows. Having these large sizes add elegance and privacy. Getting some nice folds in the bottom of the curtain is fundamental for the result is optimal. It is not enough to drag them and that’s it. As for the type of fabrics for the long or short curtains, the silk, the plush stand out for the first ones. These are thick and luxurious fabrics to encourage sophistication. In the case of short curtains the range of possibilities increases, being able to use a greater variety of fabrics.


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