Master Bedroom Design Ideas for Boys


Master bedroom design ideas – Decorate a bedroom for a child is sometimes too easy because you may feel tempted to use the classic shades of blue or use a basic sports theme. Most big box stores offer sports-themed items, including bedding and furniture, but it does not take much time to think outside the box and selecting a different theme. Same stores still have everything you need to give your boy something he loves, but also something that does not look the same as all his friends.

Firefighting theme

Master bedroom design ideas a fireman theme bedroom for little boys who use the bed as the main feature of the room. This fire engine bed is not cheap, but even if you cannot afford it, you still can benefit from this type of room. Paint the walls a neutral shade, like tan or even white. Then paint a mural of a firehouse on one wall, use rust colors to paint the individual bricks and black to create the entrance. Using different shades of red around the room as accents, including the pillows and bedding. Paint the bookshelves a deep shade of red works with the rest of the room and add a stuffed Dalmatian as a finishing touch in the master bedroom design ideas.


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