Modern Bedroom Curtain Ideas


Bedroom curtain ideas – Draperies or curtains in the bedroom used to block out light in varying degrees, set a mood or adding a stylized feel to the room. Depending on the chosen drapery and design, the bedroom curtains do all of the above or serve a specific purpose. Curtains should match or complement the existing color bedroom walls, carpet and decor. According to Candice Olson, HGTV expert, appropriate window treatment paired with a well designed room creates a luxurious and regal space.

When using lightweight fabrics, the use of bright colors most common as they add to the glowing atmosphere in the room. Wispy fabrics can be layered over the window for increased light blocking or hung as a single layer just add some privacy to the bedroom curtain ideas. The bright textiles may also be draped over the bed post or around the entire room to unite the airy construction.

Bed curtains Used on poster bed with high frames, bed curtains add a romantic feel to the bed area or specifically increase the light blocking around the bed itself. Bed curtains are typically hung in the style of classic curtains from the frame of the bed. All four sides are surrounded by the curtains which can be pulled to the side when not in use. Bed curtain ideas are commonly used for insomniacs or those who have difficulty falling asleep, as they completely block light penetration when closed.


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